Hello, and thanks for showing up here! 

You see that perfectly put-together person gliding through the airport or train station? You know the type, one neat stylish wheelie case, and hands-free for effortless cappuccino carrying and breezing through security barriers? Yes? That's not me.

I am jogging with an overstuffed case, bulging tote bag, creaking backpack and an assortment of gadgets filling each pocket. And even then, I'll likely have forgotten a critical item. 

This is Overpacked Adventures, which isn't perfect but aims to be entertaining. The side of travel not always apparent in polished Insta pics. Because, really, what is travel without a dose of reality? Even the most seasoned traveller has wandered to the wrong end of town, missed a connection, packed too much or too little, and had a naff meal on the first day of the holiday. 

And though experiencing other cultures and cuisines and not acting like a tourist (even though you are) might be important, sometimes you want to pack some Yorkshire teabags, buy a cheap mug from a souvenir shop, and have a proper brew on the balcony. And sometimes the red open-top bus isn't to be sniffed at for being 'too touristy', but a brilliant, good value way to see all the top spots in one hit. 

Overpacked Adventures is an honest take on travel, reflecting what's amazing, what's pretty good and what could've been better. Because sometimes you don't want the guidebook or Instagram version of a place, you want a likeminded reliable pal to give you their take. Overpacked Adventures is here to do just that. 

“Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think”